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A bit about me...

I'm a child of the midwest (with the corresponding love of fall leaves, the Green Bay Packers, and a great sweater or scarf during the cold winter months).  I grew up in Wisconsin, went to college at Winona State University, and then began my professional life as a high school English, speech, and theatre teacher in Forest Lake, Minnesota.  During that time, I honed by teaching game, worked alongside my colleagues and students to make great art (both in-class and onstage), experimented with the performing arts in the Twin Cities community, and completed my Masters in Education from Hamline University.

After seven years of teaching, I decided to break out and get my PhD in Theatre for Youth.  My eyes opened wide to divergent ways of seeing and engaging with the world through research, critical dialogue, professional conferences, and collaborations with peers.  During my time at ASU, I've explored creative drama, puppetry, devising, theatre for the very young, theatre for social change, digital storytelling...and, as I leave Arizona, I'm continuing to learn and grow.  

I don't know where the journey is headed, but I'm looking forward to one hell of a ride!

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